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:: Whitewater :: it fit the mould

2016-03-16 19.15.56My Mom is in town and it was time to take her out for a ‘ touristy dinner’.  You know the one I am talking about…when you put yourself in holiday mode and book the table at a restaurant that you wouldn’t normally go to as a local.  Think a little bit fancy, crisp white linen and china, staff dressed in standard black bottoms & white top and food presented with flare and perfection.  When you live in a beautiful part of the world, there are certainly businesses that focus on capturing the tourist dollar.  There is nothing wrong with that, it’s great for the local economy but it generally means these establishments are more expensive than the average punter is going to spend on a weekly dinner out.  For a local, these might be ‘special occasion’ venues and there are certainly several restaurants that would easily fit this mould in Manly. So when it came down to deciding which venue we would wine & dine my Mom at, I remembered Whitewater was on First Table‘s roster.  Whitewater has the beach front location, crisp but classic interior & a modern Australian menu,  it was the perfect combination for our ‘touristy dinner’ with our international visitor.  Plus, not only would we get 50% off our meal but we would be ticking another eatery off our list and one that we might not have made it to in awhile as just the two of us with baby in tow.

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