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:: The Hold :: sailing into burger haven

2016-03-02 17.33.37I must admit that we walk past The Hold often, but have never really thought about it for a place to eat dinner.  Mostly likely this stems from the association that this space was just a cocktail bar previously and an expensive one at that…Harlem, for those playing along.  When you walk past , looking in, the interiors of The Hold are still dark and surreptitious but now are also detailed with wood from floor to ceiling and themed to be the inside of a old schooner ship, hence the name, The Hold.

However, the name does not give away what type of cuisine is on offer.  It is a bit of a mystery… So when I said to The Hubby, lets try out the First Table site this week and see which restaurant we can tick off our Eatery List;  The Hold appeared on their roll call of restaurants and the cuisine catalogued was American (New), Gastro Pub Food…ah ha mystery solved!   We had particularly healthy home cooked meals for well over a week and the thought of a deluxe burger and fries instantly made my hand scroll over to the ‘book now’ button to secure our reservation.  Now, not only were we in for a burger fix, we were also going to get 50% off the food bill too. Winning! Continue reading :: The Hold :: sailing into burger haven