Your Eatery List is ready

Phew!  Tick.  The Eatery List is now up-to-date. Yahoo!  It is looking good and very long but oooohhhh so enticing…It still does boggle the mind how many choices we have at our doorstep.  Manly, you rock!

It was actually a really good exercise to help focus, align and motivate us on our mission. Thankfully, none of the restaurants that we had currently reviewed had hung up their boots…but there were some ‘old timers’ that have quietly disappeared.   So I must take a moment to farewell these fine establishments…

Ash’s Table, you were THE perfect brunch spot to meet up with mates after a big night out that had left us needy for greasy eggs.

Il Gondoliere, oh how I adored your simplicity.  Thank you for the authentic homemade pastas and memories of dinners with old friends.

And Artichoke Cafe, the only restaurant that truly marched to its own drum. You had quirkiness, energy and an assortment of dishes that confused me but made me smile every time.  I’ll miss the jambalaya and remember the MANY nights of laughter and sangria with friends, dates and all those group celebrations.

All three eateries were there before I moved to Manly 15 years ago but they were not the only ones to exit the stage.   We removed about 11 eateries from the list all up but added more than we deleted.  Welcome and game on!

2016-01-13 20.36.09So now it is time to play… Darley Days is back on court and we are stoked.  The Eatery List has all the links to the restaurants/cafe/pubs for you to utilise yourself and get out amongst it.  This is YOUR list as much as it is ours.  Share it with your mates, link it on Facey or your website.   And of course,  if you notice we have missed an establishment, find a broken link or you can fill in the details on a few ‘?’ sprinkled throughout, please let us know in the comments below or on the contact page.

Next up…our first review of the year…can you guess where we went??


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