:: Ironbark :: inventive pizza menu

IronbarkManly_PizzaThis week The Hubby & I jumped on our bikes again and headed toward the other end of town from Darley Road to tick off Ironbark Manly from our list.  Ironbark has been in the same location on Pittwater Road since I have lived in Manly but even though we have been to numerous eateries all around it, we still had never ventured inside.  The Hubby & I love pizza, so we were very much looking forward to trying a ‘new-to us’ pizza place.  Would this be our new favourite pizza in town?  We were about to find out.

On arrival, the restaurant smelled divine and had a pleasant vibe to it even though it wasn’t packed when we arrived, only three other tables of four people seated.  The staff were attentive and friendly and allowed to select which table suited us best, which I always like. Now that we are photographing our food for the blog, we have learnt to find a seat with the best lighting and hopefully not too many people around us as well.  Using my smart phone at the dinner table, very much goes against my commitment to being present with those around you… so The Hubby & I work together to quickly set up and snap the photos without fussing about too much.  We have gotten quite speedy but are still working on the quality of our photos.  Let us know if you have any tips…

Ironbark‘s pizza menu made me smile, there are some unique and intriguing options which is what I look for in a pizza place in particular.  As with any menu, I prefer to have several options that interest me rather than just a handful.  Ironbark definitely achieved this.  The menu also had options for kids and deals for groups of 8+ as well, plus an option of gluten free bases too. Another highlight, was noticing the individual chilli oils on each table, it reminded us of eating pizza in New York city…seeing chilli oil on the table was the norm there.  The Hubby & I decided to order two large pizzas but do the half half thing, so really we could try four different types of pizzas altogether…don’t you love the half half thing!?  We went with the Ironbark: Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, roasted capsicum, onion, olives & chilli and half Mexican: chillied beef, beans, jalapeño, corn chips, onion, sour cream, guacamole & coriander.  IronbarkManly_Pizza

The next pizza was half Tequila: prawns, avocado and rocket with tequila and lime mayonnaise and half Delizia: smoked ham, mushroom, pepperoni, roasted capsicum and parmesan.  Plus, we got excited and ordered a Bruschetta as a starter, our order was in!


IronbarkManly_BruschettaWhen our Bruschetta arrived, I completely forgot to ask for the balsamic vinegar on the side.  I have been sugar-free (or fructose-free) for over a year and half and balsamic vinegar is too sweet for me, so The Hubby consumed most of the Bruschetta.    As with most impulse orders, the results are usually 50/50 and this Bruschetta was a bit of a let down. The bread needed to be toasted longer in the wood fire oven, the tomatoes were overripe, and there wasn’t much zing or flavour to boast about really.  Oh well.

The pizza, however, was tasty and packed with flavour.  The crust was thinnish and crispy from the wood fire oven and the toppings were generous and fresh.  We enjoyed the variety and as always with pizza find it hard to listen to our stomachs when it starts to tell us we are full. Ha ha!  We ended up taking three pieces home in the end.  All in all, although we enjoyed our pizzas, Ironbark didn’t bump any of our go-to pizza places from their top spots but it has given us another pizza option if we want something a little different and inventive from our normal pizza orders.  What is your favourite pizza combination? 


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