:: MIRA :: romance in the garden

Our thursday night dinner date was extra sweet this week as I had just arrived back in Manly after my 8 day long business trip to Melbourne (hence why there was no post last week).  And since I would have a suitcase in tow when disembarking from the Manly Fast Ferry, we decided to dine somewhere close to the wharf.   There are six restaurants (not including the fast food chains) within the wharf itself – Hugo’s, Bavarian Bier Cafe, Chat Thai,  Papa Chulo, Chur Burger and the Wharf Hotel.   However, we were looking for something with a quiet intimate space as well as a being a bit familiar to us.   Set in a townhouse across the street from the wharf, Mira Japanese Restaurant was the perfect pick for our Thursday night meal.

The Hubby and I have been to Mira a few times before.  We have gone with large groups of friends as well as just the two of us.   It isn’t the Japanese Restaurant that we frequent the most, but we do like it and would recommend it.  So tonight, we were going with fresh eyes to look at the menu a little differently for the purpose of the blog.

For the first time we ordered the Green Tea Noodle SaladJapanese green tea noodles on vegetables with sesame dressing.   Then we added an order of pan-fried Pork gyoza, a staple we love and order with every Japanese meal.  To round out the meal, we couldn’t look past Mira‘s amazingly lush sushi rolls.  We selected two, the Spicy Tuna Roll – fresh tuna in special chilli sauce, egg roll, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce and mayonnaise topped with dried tuna shavings which the waitress declared was her favourite as soon as we ordered it.  The second roll is not for the faint-hearted, the Dragon Roll – eel, egg roll, roll salad, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber with special eel sauce topped with dry fish flakes. 

2014-05-15 20.23.45
Green Tea Noodle Salad

We both agreed that the simplicity of the Green Tea Noodle Salad was divine and delicious but the gyoza was lacking flavour and had an odd texture to it.   When the sushi rolls came out, we were in heaven.  The rolls were beautifully presented, carefully rolled and generous in size.  Each roll was sliced to provide ten servings and came with a side of wasabi and pickled ginger to add at your own accord.


2014-05-15 20.27.43
Spicy Tuna Roll

The spicy tuna roll was full of flavour, texture and freshness and was my favourite dish of the evening. There is a perfect complexity about the combination and it left me wanting more.  The dragon roll was just as tasty but not a roll that I personally can eat a lot of.  The Hubby happily ate the pieces that I could not finish but agreed that the spicy tuna roll was the hero of the evening.

The Hubby & I had such an enjoyable night eating out under the sliver moon and catching up on the weeks events.  Being outside in the garden of the ‘townhouse restaurant’, has a unique and romantic atmosphere – the lighting sets the mood perfectly.   You have  the privacy to dine and enjoy each others company but you are also subtly aware of Manly buzzing around you in all her glory.   If the weather is right, we would highly recommend sitting in the front garden or the veranda over looking it.  You might have to flag your server every once and awhile if you need something additional but they come quickly and with a smile when you do.  Overall, we enjoy Mira and rate their sushi rolls and will certainly come back again to dine under the stars.


2 thoughts on “:: MIRA :: romance in the garden

  1. missed your blog last week Sarah ..I like Mira too. Fairy Bower newsletter should be in the letter box this w/e ..looks terrific. keep up the good work (eating)

    1. Thanks Ann! Next time, we will be more prepared with reviews ready to go to cover if we are out of town 🙂 can’t wait to see the newsletter! Speak soon!

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